Fun Brain Teasers for Kids

The Missing Dollar:

Three friends decide to split the cost of a $30 hotel room. Each of them contributes $10, making a total of $30. Later, the hotel clerk realizes that there was a mistake, and the room only cost $25. The clerk gives the bellboy $5 to return to the friends. However, the bellboy decides to keep $2 for himself and gives $1 back to each friend. Now, each friend has paid $9 (a total of $27), and the bellboy has kept $2. That makes $29. What happened to the missing dollar?

The Age Riddle:

A father says to his son, “Ten years ago, I was twice your age.” How old is the father now if the son is currently 20 years old?

The Half-Price Sale:

During a half-price sale, a toy’s price is reduced by 50%. After the sale, the price of the toy goes back to its original price. What percentage increase is this?

The Farmer’s Chickens and Rabbits:

A farmer has 30 animals on his farm, which are a mix of chickens and rabbits. He counts a total of 82 legs among all the animals. How many chickens and rabbits does he have?

We hope these brain teasers have provided some fun and challenging entertainment for you and your kids! Remember, it’s essential to exercise our brains just as we do our bodies. At Muallemi, our experienced tutors offer engaging and personalized lesson plans that help students develop critical thinking skills while making learning enjoyable. So, join us today and let’s create an exciting learning journey together!