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Muallemi was founded by two students who believe in equal opportunities for education. We have a vision of making education more accessible, more affordable, and enjoyable - and we want to start with mathematics. We believe that mastering math, especially at a young age, is key to accessing all sciences.

Unfortunately, tutoring is often times too expensive for many parents, hence becoming a luxury while in reality it is a necessity.

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That's where Muallemi comes in. We offer high quality, personalized math tutoring at prices that give you the best value for money! We believe every child deserves equal access to a quality education, and we hope that our service helps bridge the gap.

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At Muallemi, we seek passionate, experienced, and dedicated educators who strive to make a positive impact on students' lives through innovative, personalized, and engaging learning experiences.
Abdulrahman F. Al-Thani
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Logan Cochrane
Board Member

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