Block based math lessons


Conditions, Statements, and Loops


Math using Coding technique

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30 classes


Program Overview


Kids are naturally inclined towards anything joyful and fun. Enable them explore their hidden potential through our diverse multidisciplinary live fun-based programs.

At BrightChamps, we adopt a unique fun based approach so that learning becomes play, which allows kids to explore their passion and discover their hidden talents. Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum in a playful way, from coding to design thinking, modern tools like AR & VR, to Robotics and IoT and the next generation rage, like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A BrightChamps kid will discover and develop his interests to the maximum potential through our meticulously crafted programs.

The skills are supplementary as well as complimentary to the school curriculum via our personal learning as well as group learning, which also makes them perform better in their regular curriculum.

Our methodology enables them to grasp Science & Maths concepts by coding, visualizations and animations. We offer a unique curriculum which is meant to inculcate new age skills in your kids to make them poised for success and encourage them to take on challenges. Their fundamental relationship to technology changes from being a consumer to a creator.

All courses have been crafted meticulously by IIT, IIM graduates and ISRO scientists in collaboration with MIT & Stanford.

1 – 20 Classes

Machine Learning principles and examples

Mobile application development and its understanding is very crucial, which this module deals with from the very beginning.
Apart from coding skills, it will also boost the learning capabilities by encouraging students to inhibit the habit of tackling with logical thinking.
This module covers the fundamentals of coding such as loops, functions, logical and arithmetic operations and many more.